We end every episode of Foodtrainers with a question from our listeners, but we’ve gotten so many lately so we decided to dedicate this whole episode to your questions!

How much water is too much?

Our general recommendation is 80 oz of water, or around 20 cups. Keep in mind that you can over-hydrate. Pay attention to your urine color — if it’s completely clear or colorless, then you are probably over-hydrating.

How to decrease meal portions?

When you start making changes to your diet, the changes to your portion control generally starts to happen automatically. If you’re struggling with portion control, it can help to make sure your lunches are substantial. Most people struggle with portions later in the day, so by not skimping on your lunch, you have more control over your portions for the rest of the day. Dinner is the most important meal to keep your portions under control, and it’s also likely the hardest.

Calorie counting: Yes or no?

This is a big NO for us. We look more at what food is doing in your body. Is it increasing your appetite or decreasing it? Is it helping your GI health or harming it? This is much more important than how many calories you’re consuming.

I exercise and don’t eat a lot and still gain weight, help!

There are so many other factors involved in weight loss and gain besides just exercise and diet. Stress, sleep, and hormones are the three big factors beyond weight and diet that we like to cover. We often recommend adopting cortisol-cutting activities such as meditation, yoga, journaling, or foam rolling. Just try to get at least 10-15 minutes a day of some activity that dials back your stress.

What are some high-histamine foods and are they important to avoid?

Histamines are the allergic response of your white blood cells. A tiny portion of people are histamine intolerant, but most are okay with high-histamine foods. If you think it may be a problem, you can experiment by temporarily removing those foods and seeing if you notice a response. Some high-histamine foods are chocolate, avocado, and fermented foods.

Thank you for your questions!




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