It can be a pet peeve when people are sharing their personal results without the aid of studies. Everyone is so different, after all. But there is some value in knowing what the experts themselves do, and that they each face similar challenges to what everyone else does.

Lauren shares some of her personal weight journey. During COVID, she put on some weight – despite doing all the right things. For someone used to a fairly stable weight (discounting pregnancy), it can be surprising to gain weight and see it stick around. What happens when you feel like you’re doing everything right and it’s still not going your way?

There were a few things Lauren did that kicked things off for her. We’re going to focus on one of those here: tightening up your food timing. Lauren was traditionally on a 12-hour food cycle – that is the time from her first meal to her last for the day. She ended up, due to life circumstances, inadvertently doing 8-hour food cycles with 16 hours of fasting between and she started feeling immediately different.

The key with making changes is to do things gradually. Don’t take this as prescriptive advice, but learn from how Lauren nudged at her routine and stumbled upon something that worked for her, and how she paid careful attention to the effects of those changes.



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