If you’re a regular listener, you know there are some things we suggest completely cutting out of your diet – artificial sweeteners, cold cereal, processed soy. And then, on the other side of things, there are things we believe are unfairly vilified: coffee, animal protein, and more.

We try to take a stance on most topics, but it’s always a matter of balancing nutrition and pleasure. If health was the only variable, there would be plenty of things that we should all cut from our diets completely. And dairy is one of those things that many people love, but it might not make a lot of sense nutritionally. It’s right in the middle between “banned” and “green light,” and we’re going to dig into some of the factors involved when deciding what’s right for you.

If you’re someone who suffers from skin issues, it’s probably best to avoid dairy. While all animal products are hormonal to some extent, dairy tends to be a bit more than most. You should probably cut skimmed milk completely. There’s no benefit and it is one of the worst forms of dairy you can consume. There’s also a strong connection to the sinuses, so if you’re someone who suffers in that area, it may be something to consider.

Something interesting to consider: many cheeses and cultured yogurts are lower in lactose. So, while lactose intolerance is a concern, that doesn’t always mean you have to cut dairy completely.

Many people think they need cow’s milk for calcium. It was pushed very heavily years ago, but is talked about less so today. You can get calcium in many other places besides milk, including chia seeds, almonds, kale, and more.

So when it comes to dairy: it’s your call. Do what makes the most sense to you. Just know what you’re getting with it and prioritize what brings you the most joy with the least impact on your health.




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