You can’t get complacent with nutrition research. New discoveries are constantly being made, and they can change everything we think we know about nutrition, health, and diet. Today, we touch on something that’s recently caught our attention, the latest research suggesting that you may want to eat more salt in your diet.

Low-carb diets keep your blood sugar low, which is good. Low blood sugar keeps insulin low, which is also good. But less insulin means less of a hormone called aldosterone, which means you retain less sodium, meaning your sodium levels can really drop.

People tend to like the immediate effects of less sodium because they lose water weight and experience less bloating, but it’s important that your sodium levels don’t go too low. If you’re doing a low-carb diet, you may need to consider upping your salt intake.

The fact is, both a super low sodium diet and a super high sodium diet are undesirable. Like most food advice, there’s always a balance between too little and too much. Salt, and sodium, are not the antagonists to health we’re led to believe, but it does need to be moderated.



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