Today’s newsletter and podcast focuses on fats that help you lose fat. We discuss the science behind olive oil, MCT oil and other “fab fats”, as we like to call them. Please read and listen (and if you love what you hear, please review). One point we bring up on the podcast is that salad places often use inferior oils. We love Sweetgreen, it’s one of the best take away food options. It was brought to our attention they use grape seed oil, in their dressings. Note: we said rapeseed on the pod, which is canola (also bad news). Grapes oil is generally produced with industrial solvents, which can be neurotoxic. IT’s also almost completely an omega 6 (pro inflammatory) fat. And none of the phytonutrients in grapes are present in grapes oil. Many places use plant oils like canola and grapes, soybean etc because they’re cheaper.

What’s the solution? Ask for extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon or lime. We’ve just started stocking this Brightland oil, oh my goodness it’s great. If you want a little more flavor, add a little hot sauce.

Any fatty questions for us?


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