Game over, just hoping this would deter you

There are times we skip on Super Bowl guidance but that will not be happening for Superbowl XLV1 (forty six in case your Roman numerals are failing you). With the Giants playing, many of our clients will be celebrating and this makes us more nervous than the game itself. Carolyn is going to give you a game plan, study these plays.
Come Super Bowl Sunday, there are two givens the Giants will be winning and most Americans will be eating. If you’re like us, you’re way more into the food stats than the football ones. As much as I love avocados, the 26 million of them consumed on Super Bowl Sunday is overkill. Imagine a 40-inch layer of guacamole across the field in the Superdome (we had to include the New Orleans somewhere in here). Then there’s the 28 million pounds of potato chips which lined up could span almost 1.5 times the distance to the moon and 1.25 billion, yup billion, chicken wings. This all gives new meaning to the word “super bowl” and explains why 7-eleven reports, a significant increase in antacid sales on the Monday after the Super Bowl.
It makes me chuckle that “Patriotic” choices like nachos and the giant preservative-filled party subs are some of the worst offenders. If that’s what you’re going to be faced with on game day, check out this article Lauren wrote on food fumbles and MVPs.
 If loaded nachos aren’t your style here’s our BIG BLUE, not big you menu (and yes we do know their jerseys on Sunday will be white):

Coughlin Chips and DipLaurel Hill Multigrain tortilla chips (on another day try the olive/caper flavor)  with Brooklyn Salsa Company Curry Salsa  (or homemade pico de gallo)

Cruz Crudité: carrot, celery sticks, sliced bell peppers, jicama, cauliflower, grape tomatoes with Bobbi’s Black Bean Hummus

Nicks’ Nuts: get your mind out of the gutter; we’re talking about Sheffa Mix or pistachios (~49 in a serving)

Pierre-Paul Popcorn: You know how we feel about homemade popcorn (1 tbs. oil to ½ cup kernels pop covered 3-4 min shaking occasionally), especially with a little truffle salt.

Quarterback Quality Cold Cuts: organic, nitrite-free Applegate turkey, ham and 
Manning-worthy Mustard: best stuff ever

No Penalty Pale Ale: Peak Organic Pale Ale. Unfortunately we have to think about pesticides in drinks, too.

Winning Spin on Wings: Enjoying the sweet taste of victory doesn’t mean you should go near the fried wings. A face full of bbq sauce doesn’t look good on anyone. If tempted, this is the one time we think it’s okay to say “what would Giselle do” (WWGD)?  Try these Baked Parmesan Garlic Wings (via Steamy Kitchen) and pair this recipe with Cochon or Crystal hot sauce.

Veggie or turkey chili, Paella, even sushi all work well for Super Bowl spreads. Leave the junky food to the commercials and don’t be a 7-eleven statistic next Monday.

What are your favorite Super bowl snacks? Will you be watching the game? Do we dare ask who you’re rooting for?


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