My friend mentioned, in a text, that she had been to Canyon Ranch last weekend. I expressed my jealousy, she then asked “do I really need 30 grams of fiber every ding dong day?”
I told her what I’m about to tell you and that’s that normal people don’t count their food in grams. They don’t. I love fiber, fiber helps with digestion and satiety. Fiber feeds those good bacteria we’re so fascinated by. Fiber helps your weight loss efforts. Fiber and I have no issues. I just prefer a common sense, tedium-free approach.

SO here we go

Let’s say you had yogurt and raspberries or eggs with avocado this morning (or perhaps you followed Carolyn’s advice with Breggie).

Raspberries- the fruity, fiber queen give you 8 g of fiber per cup.

Eggs/avo 4.5 grams in ½ a Haas (better eat those avos before they’re taxed).

Hit up Sweetgreen for lunch and have everyone’s fave Rad Thai  salad (personally I adore the Omg salmon offering).

No fiber facts are listed on Sweetgreen’s website so I had to friggin’ count.

I’ll say 15 grams of fiber (even though 16.7 by my calculations)

Conservatively you’re over 20 grams at this point; it could be over 24.

In the afternoon, I’d suggest our Foodtrainers’ nutcase (pictured above) fill it with almonds for another 4 grams of fiber.

Maybe for dinner you have some chicken and broccoli (I’m into roasting broccoli lately),

7.5 grams for the broccoli (Brussels and cauliflower also high in fiber).

Go wild and add in a sweet potato for 31 total fiber grams (lowballing).

So, the morals of the fiber story are:
You get a big fiber bang for your buck with a veggie-filled salad in your day.

OR if you’re not into salads have vegetables 2-3 time daily.
Consume nuts or seeds once a day in some form.
And any time an expert gives you annoying advice, ask them if they do what they’re suggesting.
Finally, life is too short to count fiber grams.


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