Over the summer, Carolyn and I were comparing notes on cleanses and detox programs.  As long as it’s safe, I’m someone who loves to test out a food, regime or workout. Carolyn, and I can see why, felt there was something gimmicky about cleanses and wasn’t sold. Shortly after our initial discussion Carolyn was on a yoga retreat in Colorado that happened to have a juicing component. Let’s just say it had an impact on her. I’ll let her tell you more.  Here’s cleansed Carolyn (kidding):
So yes, detoxes and cleanses have long been on my list of nutrition pet peeves. “Detox” is thrown around without much if any evidence. Does a spinal twist in yoga “detox” you? It feels damn good but despite many a PubMed search I just don’t know if my toxins evaporate like every teacher I’ve had says. Then there are cleanses. Some have been around forever and are still unhealthy (Master Cleanse I’m looking at you) and others are recently popular. Of course barely consuming anything for days will cause immediate water weight loss and lightheadedness. Is this enlightenment? At the end of the road more often than not is binge eating and unchanged habits.
That being said, I totally understand the need to cut out the crap as a personal challenge, prior to a big event or after a little too much fun AKA summer. Lauren asked me what my vision of a Foodtrainers’ detox would be? I answered it would have to be restaurant and fork friendly (liquids have their limits). It would be strict but manageable without a personal chef or daily deliveries. And it would result in weight loss beyond water and a true “cleansing” of less than healthy habits. We had a powwow and came up with a 4-week Dine and Detox program that we just launched on Monday. Without giving it all away, here are three of our holy rules of detox:
  1. Tea is the new coffee.
  2. Say bye bye to sugar and fake sugar too.
  3. Whenever possible (and anything is possible): organic, local, wild colorful.
Rules are great but we would never have clients do anything we wouldn’t do so yours truly gave it a try. I would love to say “it was so easy” but that would be a lie. However, the issues were different than I expected and I’ll admit it was freaking hard to turn down a glass of wine. The best parts? Sugar cravings were short lived and I have several new food obsessions.
Mung Beans– sprouted mung beans are an Ayurvedic detox food and you know our love for all things sprouted. They are high in fiber, B vitamins and very versatile. Try them in soups or stir fries. The don’t require soaking and are easier to digest (ahem) than other beans.
Fennel: never been a fan of the licorice-flavor but maybe my taste buds have grown up because I’m digging fennel, especially with salmon, thinly sliced in a salad or in my juices.
SoCal Organic Detox Protein– I was skeptical about this one but hemp protein, dandelion greens, it’s our dream detox powder. 
Artisana Raw Walnut Butter– Artisana makes the best products; their tahini is heaven. These single packs in interesting flavors such as walnut, macadamia and pecan were worth cleansing for.
We put together a few of our detox discoveries in our Fall Detox Bundle in the Foodtrainers online store (we’re very excited to have a store, sorry for the plug)
Drinks: Kombucha and Coconut water are nothing new but have you explored outside of the big name brands? There are some delicious and detox-friendly drinks. I’m into: raw coconut water by Harmless Harvest and  — Lauren adores Turmeric Elixir of Life
So not only did I survive, I have continued most of my habits post detox. I haven’t checked on the numbers but I know my jeans are happy with me. So here’s my challenge to you. Pick a start date and try a one-week mini-detox free from wheat, meat or sweets. See how you feel. If you’re ready for our 4 weeks let us know.
 Are you pro or anti cleanse? Have you ever done a cleanse or detox program? Any lasting benefit? What would be more difficult for you giving up meat, wheat or sweets?
*One lucky commenter will receive the Artisana nut butter packs


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