This weekend, I sat in a lounge chair watching my boys amuse themselves on the diving board. Part of me was thrilled that they were old enough to do this without additional supervision other than the lifeguard at the pool. I was also envious of their ability to do the same thing for long periods of time without tiring of it. I started out the day in heaven, with a fully loaded kindle looking up at a cloudless sky. Before too long, my kindle battery was dying and despite an umbrella I felt sweat trickling off my body. I was ready to go inside, enough.
I feel the same way about summer. It may be a coping mechanism to deal with the inevitable. Around this time of year, I’m done with brightly colored toes, zucchini, al fresco everything and swimsuits (though I’m also finally immune to swimsuit fear). I want something new. Bring me a comfy sweater, fall foliage or a delicious, organic apple. Our clients are equally “new” obsessed always asking us what the latest snack or workout is. Have no fear, new stuff is here.
We decided to branch out from kale chips. There’s nothing wrong with kale and we still have kale chips but thought you’d like to crunch on something else. Enter Just Pure Foods veggie chips. The onion is my favorite dusted with sunflower and hemp seeds and seasoned with mesquite powder. I’ve never had those canned crunchy onions but I hear they’re like a healthy version of those. And if you’re still clinging to summer, be sure to try the zucchini sticks too.
Snacks don’t have to be comprised of snack foods. These individual olive packs from Oloves are genius. I knew they were a winner when, on an airplane, my husband tried them. He’s not an olive guy and adored them. We tracked down the Olove team between their summer vacations and have both the Mediterranean (most popular) and Hot Chili Mama in stock. You can guess which flavor I like…or maybe you can’t. And these packs of satisfying goodness for the afternoon? Only 50 calories.
So we have something for crunch, something for your salty tooth and finally a secret weapon for any of you who may be heading into fall with a summer “souvenir”. A while back I posted about Safslim. I reviewed the promising research but suggested getting the benefits similar to Safslim from food. Many clients reading about the Safslim research wanted to give it a try. They did and reported back with glowing reviews. The blog post generated a lot of feedback too. The drawback was that Safslim was unwieldy to travel with. We’re excited to offer the individual Safslim packets. Belly bulge be gone.
Inevitably, in a few months, I  will miss the extra daylight, rose’ and sunshine. I will never tire of olives and a flat belly (even if it’s buried beneath a chunky sweater). For more newness check out our fall Monthly Morsels goodness. newsletter
The Olove people are excited about fall food too. They have a box of their Mediterranean Oloves for one lucky reader. To be eligible:
Comment and tell us why you’re excited for fall and what your favorite type of olive is.
Tweet “Fall love @Olove_ #giveaway @Foodtrainers”
*Enter by Thursday 9/6, winner announced on Monday’s post.
And I’ll be back with regular “new” posts, can’t wait.


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