In case you’re in denial, snapped this yesterday. 
I don’t know about you but I’m over the grieving of summer gone by. You know what I’m talking about “I wish it lasted a little longer” or just the last everything “last dinner outside” or “last hurrah”. As if one cannot eat outside or have “hurrahs” in September. But if some suffer from over-kvechting, my attitude toward the seasons (and life in general) is more ADD in nature. Maybe it’s the planning gene but during the summer I’m excited about fall, when I’m on a vacation and should be “in the moment” I’m onto the next moment.
No matter what your “seasonal” issues are Labor Day was yesterday, kids (except mine) are back in school, limbs and midriffs will soon be covered (amen) and hey- the shrinks are back.
And because everyone isn’t like me doing their “summer’s over and it’s ok” jig, let me try to take your mind off it. Here’s some fall inspiration or “fallspiration” if you will

If you’re feeling summer-sentimental this is the antidote
Pumpkin  No-Yo
If you’re in NYC, go to Hu Kitchen and try their No Yo Pumpkin Parfait. With pumpkin, maple, coconut milk and this crunchy goodness on top, you’ll forget summer I promise. And it’s grain free, gluten free and soy free.
Carolyn’s just back from a trip to Portland aka pear central. As she said “pears are the new apples”, they’re loaded with fiber (5g/pear) and antioxidants. We’re loving crunchy boscs and using them waldorf-style  in salads and poaching them for a sweet dessert (if Carolyn can do it…)

New Season, new chip
 If the tortilla chip epitomizes summer, fall is about veggie chips. How about Snip Chips made from parsnips? Also loving and constantly selling out of Brussels Bytes (maybe I’m not the only fall fan)

Ancient Grains
It may be time to say goodbye ceviche and hello comfort food, healthy comfort food.
Ancient grains are something you’re going to be hearing more about. I’m loving this cookbook Cook With Ancient Grains. Ancient grains haven’t been changed or mangled (that’s one of the issues with wheat is how much it has changed. This cookbook has interesting uses for quinoa, chia and kaniwa. Even Udi’s the great, gluten free company has a line utilizing these ancient grains. We may have tried their jalapeno crisps on the way to Vermont.
New Tools
You may be excited about new clothes, for me it’s new tools – I have an Excalibur dehydrator I’m ready to put that summer produce in. I’ll be telling you all about my adventures with it but maybe you want to try a spiralizer or a new juicer?
No more portion distortion (or just distortion)
If you’re ready to buckle down you need your “food supplies”. I first learned about these stainless food containers from Food Matters. For lunches I use 1 for the salad or veggie portion of my meal and the other for protein. They’re great for transporting food but I use them at home to eyeball portions. 
What’s Your Goal?
Summer sort of goal-less by nature but now it’s time for a challenge, Carolyn and I doing the 30-day push up challenge. Of course Fitbit can help if you’ve logged more hours on a lounge chair or car than on your feet. We’ve also had massive fun with this weighted hula hoop from Canyon hoops, we even had our office doorman hula hooping on side walk (don’t think men are the only people who cat call or honk to show “support).

Metabolism Tea

How about “just what metabolism ordered” Pu-Her tea. It’s from the same plant as green tea but it’s fermented. Crazy things happen when you ferment and some of the bacteria contain ingredients. that can lower LDL (bad) and raise HDL. Drink an hour after a meal. The Chinese have credited it with weight loss, our clients would agree. 
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What’s your Fallspiration or what are you most excited about? Any of our fall favorites you’re going to check out? If you’ve been away welcome back, let me know if there are any topics you want to see covered.


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