Let’s say a person (perhaps you) develops a stellar eating routine that involves cooking, hydrating and eating lots of green things. By Friday that person (perhaps you) feels accomplished, clothes are looser, energy is through the roof- you get the picture. Then, person (you?) goes to Connecticut or Fire Island or stays put, after all it’s summer and things are carefree wherever you are. Person enjoys the weekend (a little too much) with extra cocktails and barbeques and fun, fun, fun. What’s the big deal you say? No big deal if your weight loss from Monday to Friday is erased and you’re good with bloat and more.
OK have a good day you’re screwed. No, no of course there’s a way to balance cocktails with consciousness, even a way to make progress over the summer. Truthfully, sure it’s nice out now but weekends are tricky all year round let’s sort them out.
Make room for the weekend
There are 52 weekends a year so what goes on from Friday to Sunday shouldn’t be all that shocking. Use Thursday to your advantage. Thursday is a day where you skip your grains and skip your cocktails so that your weekends can be slightly (I said slightly) looser.
It’s not only the alcohol calories (that your body burns before it gets to any love handle or back fat), it’s the food we consume once we’ve had the drink and sadly the food we may think makes us feel better the next day. You must pre-eat. Have asparagus (breaks down alcohol and debloats you, how’s that for a twofer?) or a little good fat (walnuts or olives work well) before you imbibe. Alcohol will affect you 3x slower if you do this and that’s a good thing.
Meals Matter
There’s much more winging it on the weekends. Instead of defined meals, more time around the house often leads to grazing or what I like to call pupu platter eating. Pupu platter eating isn’t pretty. I suggest a “walk through” on weekend mornings. Take a minute to think about where you’re going to be and what you will eat. Think in terms of distinct meals and snacks. Even if your day starts later I’d suggest 3 meals. This is better than two meals and ten snacks.
Move it (not just for workout)
Maybe you went to a spin class, that’s awesome. But sitting on the beach, by the pool or at brunch (grrrr) for hours isn’t in your best interest. I’ve written about my fitbit. A tracker is a great thing on the weekends. You’re not chained to a desk; let’s see what you got.
Make sure you’re set up
Be super careful if you do go away on the weekends that you’re set up for the week. Food shop on your way home or have groceries delivered. You need your tools and a menu for the week ahead.
So if you’re feeling puffier today than on Friday, put your plan in place. There are 13 more weekends until Labor Day.
Do you eat differently on the weekends? What’s you’re biggest challenge? What do you do to keep things clean? What’s your favorite thing you did (or ate) this past weekend?


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