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Most of us have more than enough carbs in our lives. Pasta, bread, tortillas and grainy desserts all make the list of the top ten foods consumed by US adults. Even many of the carbs we consider “good” such as whole wheat bread (oftentimes not so whole and pretty much worthless) and oatmeal packets are what I call wolves in healthy clothing. As Dr David Ludwig says “we have no biological requirement for grains”. This is so true but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them, in some form.
Kelp Noodles
We all crave something noodle-esque in our lives. If you’re gluten free or    firmly rooted in healthy eating you’ve nixed Penne alla Vodka and all its relatives. Once you know certain foods can’t be dietary staples you have to be flexible. While I would never suggest eating any anything that doesn’t taste good, I am asking for equal parts open-mindedness and wishful thinking. Sometimes the substitute isn’t the same as the original. Spaghetti squash isn’t angel hair and zucchini pasta isn’t linguini but they can be delicious with proper doctoring.
Have you tried kelp noodles? To entice you I will say these low calorie, gluten free, low calorie, iodine rich noodles from the sea are a favorite of my boys and mine. And for full disclosure, I’ll admit when my husband tried them he said “not my thing”.  I like the Sea Tangle brand. They are technically ready to eat but a rinse and then a soak in warm or near-boiling water does wonders. Some use them like pasta with pesto or other traditional sauces. I prefer them in Asian preparations (sesame oil, fresh ginger, garlic, wheat free tamari, maple) with leftover veggies for a quick lunch. Just be sure to cook them long enough to soften.  

Cocomama wants you to “Meet Your New B. F. F.” and while I normally find adults using the term “best friend, BF or worst of all bestie” beyond annoying I’m totally on board with “Breakfast Friend Forever”.  We have a breakfast quinoa recipe for clients but only a select few make it. Others are too busy, “refuse pot washing” (swear direct quote) or can’t cook when traveling at work etc. Cocomama has their and your backs. Their ready to eat pouches can be heated or consumed straight up. It comes in delicious flavors, while I knew I’d like banana cinnamon, orange cranberry (not orangey person) was a nice surprise.
I still love Vigilant Eats and will have it as my #1 oats on the go …but I’m pretty fickle and may indeed have a new B.F. F. Cocomama wants to invite you into our quinoa clique too. One reader will receive a 6-pack to try, no hazing rituals, I promise.
When we talk about edible wolves in healthy clothing most veggie burgers top the list. If you’re home and have veggie burgers in your freezer, go check the label. Do you see TVP (textured vegetable protein)? Soy protein isolates? Soy protein concentrate? And most importantly do you recognize what’s listed?
Hillary’s are gluten free, soy free, GMO free, organic, they taste great and even their packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. Hillary’s worries about you and will not throw you to the “wolves”. Here is a coupon for Hillary’s.

Flackers are gluten free, raw crackers made from flax. Admittedly, I am more of a chia than a flax girl but our clients convinced us to try these and they’re delicious. Plus they’re the makeup artist Bobbi Brown’s favorite cracker. We’re not making any guarantees but her skin is pretty darn nice. Flackers are giving away a variety 5-pack.

Friday night I discovered my new #1 favorite carb. My friend had us over for arepas. They are little, gluten free corn cakes you stuff with all sorts of fillings. No giveaway for these…yet.

For other carb-favorites, check out today’s newsletter A Few Good Carbs.
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Have you tried any of our favorites? Would you like to? What do you consider grainy “wolves in healthy clothing”? What are your go-to pasta or pasta stand in?
The winner of the Black and Blum givaway is Gina, please email Katelynn@foodtrainers.net your address.


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