So, how’d it go? Did you relax a little too much? Have no fear, Foodtrainers to the rescue. You deserve to feel your best this holiday season. Let us give you a boost, and something to look forward to.

The New Year’s Squeeze is Now Open For Registration!

It might feel early to talk New Year, but it’s never too early to talk Squeeze! Foodtrainers’ Squeeze Weeks are our jump-start programs. For 7 days, we’ll provide post-holiday structure and accountability. You’ll have daily email check-ins, delicious recipes, a private Facebook group and a Squeeze secret weapon product bundle.

Prior participants have said “I feel recalibrated!”, “I’m in control of cravings”, and “I’m down 5lbs and feeling so much lighter”.

Our Squeezes sell out, so sign up today to have your back up plan in place for the holiday season. Kick off 2018 feeling your best.

Foodtrainers’ New Year’s Squeeze runs Monday, January 8 – Sunday, January 14. To purchase your week and our Squeeze Secret Weapons, click here.

Ready to De-Puff Post Turkey Day?

Try our Debloating Threesome, on sale for 20% off today. We’ve chosen our top 3 products that help you depuff and get you back to feeling great. Depuffed beats staypuft. Purchase all 3 or a la carte.

1. Anima Mundi Viridem Elixir
: we have this cleansing elixir in a mini size for post Thanksgiving needs. A spoonful of elixir helps the belly go down.

Image result for daily tonic acv plus

2. Our Best selling ‘ACV plus’ Tonic: apple cider vinegar commingles with turmeric, jalapeño (not too spicy for the spice-phobes) and a touch of raw honey. Mix 1 tablespoon in a cup for water or take a swig straight up à la Carolyn.

Image result for purity tea neakita
3. Purity tea: if you’re feeling impure after the weekend, try this dandelion lemon tea. It’s not only debloating, it’s downright delicious.

And, as always, free shipping for any orders over $150!


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