My wedding anniversary is in June and though I’m sure I could find a way to tie that to food (we did have an amazing New Orleans-inspired menu), it isn’t generally relevant to Foodtraining. Today is a different sort of anniversary, the anniversary of this blog. I’ve had a lot of fun with the blog this year. I had a chance to start conversations on timely nutritional issues. In turn, I heard from readers outside of my NYC office as far away as Mexico and Kuwait and Iowa. We had a scuffle with Pinkberry and then most recently teamed up with Open Sky creating a Foodtrainers’ store.

For today, I thought I’d share my first post on this blog. I’m sure many of you missed it. After all, my web designer was the only one who commented and I’m that was only to test the functionality of the site. Thank you for your comments and criticism, I appreciate both.
What posts have you enjoyed reading? Any topics you’d like to see covered in the months ahead? How often should I blog? And what other blogs do you enjoy?


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