Impossible to find an inelegant photo of Streisand eating, I tried.


“Donald Trump made me gain weight.” This was tweeted by Babs (and I read it in the Post so it must be true). She also mentioned pancakes after the morning news and more pancakes when Trump accused Obama of tapping his phones. I know Foodtrainers is smack in the center of Democity but what the Post referred to as “POTUS belly” we’ve started calling the Trump 20 (most of our clients haven’t hit 20 pounds but we still have 1411 days left according to this killer calendar). Typically, people are affected by stressors and emotions in their lives and these vary from person to person. Not since 9/11 have I seen much of my client base experiencing this widespread malaise.

One client, who I hadn’t seen in some time emailed, “So I’ve just been dealing with PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder) with bread and chocolate. This does not help the resistance!” No, it doesn’t. An yes, all Foodtrainees are this smart and funny. Especially when things feel shitting we don’t need another reason to be unhappy. So, I have an idea. Let’s have a look at Trump’s favorite foods:

Chips-specifically Lays, fried and processed like…

Diet Coke-fake and bad for you

Angus beef- always grain fed not grass fed, in other words not what the cows should be eating

Cookies-he likes Oreos- note, there’s black and white in the cookie but no sign of Mexicans.

Maybe, the Resistance Diet is shunning Trump’s foods. No chips (pita chips are chips), soda, non grass fed beef or cookies. Carolyn says our sales of Natural Calm are way up, I suggest double dosing. Cheers!

And I realize there could be a blog reader or two who voted for Donald, I still love you. Just think, you have one fewer reason to gain weight. 


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