Today we kicked off our 3-week Summer Squeeze.  This is not a super-strict, quick fix regime (that would be our Whipping Week). This was designed to get habits in line and establish an eating system before summer officially starts.  In order to get an idea of where participants are at we asked, “give us three words for how you feel right now”.  Responses included stressed/large/blah/flabby and tired, can you relate? And then we wondered, “how do you want to feel?”. Our Squeezers said “healthy” “under control” “back to myself” “confident” “calmer” and “energetic”. 

I attended a memorial for a great man yesterday. It wasn’t your traditional funeral. We were in Central Park. A group gathered mid day, a few friends and family members spoke. They remembered a kind man, a “gentle soul”.  He never raised his voice and always thought of others. One friend said, “he always found the perfect presents” and “always showed up with too much food.” We were invited to take a stone with some of his virtues on them.
So where am I going with this? How does this relate to food and weight? It’s that we spend so much time on getting ready for the swimsuit and white jeans, as Lena Dunham says “the ass”.  And I’ll go on record again and say the ass, belly, thighs, arms matter, they do. But we make progress or can make long-term progress with our weight and food when we are connected to the feelings. Last week my wise therapist said to me “you have a good handle on the physical now let’s focus on your mental diet”. It’s also healthy to focus on what we’re “showing” others. The man I spoke about above was so, so handsome (and that was discussed) but there were no stones in the basket that said “hot”.

So, give me three words to describe how you feel right now. How do you want to feel? What would you want your “rock” to say?


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