This is probably my author photo. I was told if giving diet advice I have to look approachable, do I?

I’m fine in front of the camera if I’m being interviewed (and thus talking) or if I’m with my kids, as they relax me, but when it’s just me standing there trying to look natural? Eek. I recently took photos for my book The Little Book of Thin (due out in January, just saying). The photographer, Douglas Gorenstein, is someone I have worked with a few times but photo shoots are still not my cup of tea. I know some people have their signature pose or never take a bad picture but I’m not one of those people. I have no idea what my good angles are, do you? If you’re jetting off on a summer trip or if lousy photos upset you… have no fear, Doug is here.
As a professional headshot photographer my job is to take amazing images of my clients that show them looking like themself on a really great day. Whether it’s for corporate websites, acting or personal use, achieving this  “great day” look entails using exceptional lighting, a brilliant make up artist, photographing from flattering angles and making each person feel relaxed in order to bring out their true personality.  But what do you do to look your best when just having random photos taken with mediocre lighting, hastily applied make up (if any) or when it’s not necessarily a great day? Here are a few tips that will help you take control and look even better in those impromptu photo moments:
Avoid double chins with the turtle
One great trick is to push your nose and chin forward towards the camera. It might feel exaggerated or turtle-like but for most people it helps contour jaw lines and is flattering on camera. The tendency is to pull your chin up and back when smiling in photos which results in double (or triple) chins. So take some practice shots, nose forward and you’ll see a big difference.
Beneath me
If you get squinty when smiling, try popping your eyes open a bit more. Easy there, not so much that you look bug eyed but just enough to show off your eyes. Also if you can get the person photographing you to be slightly above your head shooting from downward angle that will also help to open eyes. Having the photographer shooting downward is also slimming (bonus). If you’re a blinker, ask for a 1, 2, 3 count so that you can have your eyes open at the right moment.
Boxy Isn’t Best
When you see woman on the red carpet they are never standing with their bodies straight on to the camera as that tends to look boxy. They are always on a bit of an angle with one foot forward for a more flattering look. Your back arm can be on your hip and also looks good at the side. Red carpet or not leave boxy to football players and put your best foot forward for a more flattering photo.
Time to Make-up
If you’ve never had a lesson on how to do your own make-up it might be beneficial to learn some tricks from a pro. I’m talking a real make-up artist not the salesperson at the department store counter. Knowing how to do your make-up properly will make you feel and look even more beautiful.
No faking it
When smiling in photos if you think of something that makes you feel happy it can help bring out a natural smile. If you aren’t smiling try to covey a real thought or message into the camera. You’ll avoid the forced smile or deer in the headlights look and instead will see a real authentic moment captured.
Let’s face it
Make sure to take great care of your skin everyday. Lauren can help you here but eat healthy, drink plenty of water and avoid lots of alcohol and smoking. If you get a facial, hair color or hair cut prior to taking photos it’s best to schedule these services 1-2 weeks prior.
I liked this one, others didn’t like it as much. And trust me there were may blinks, funny faces and double chins.
Feel free to contact Doug at  212-967-2810 or with any additional questions. You can also check out his website. He makes the whole process fun, there were actually some shots my eyes were tearing from laughing so hard. 

Do you like having your picture taken? Have you ever done headshots? What are the tricks that help you look better or relax?

I will see you in September. I am on vacation next week (hopefully will take some nice photos/thanks to Doug). After Labor Day I’ll be back with regular posts. If there’s a topic you want covered please let me know. And congratulations to our Sinless mix winner Lauren Luhrs, enjoy your winnings.
Douglas Gorenstein is New York photographer specializing in headshots and portraits for actors, authors, celebrities and business professionals. He serves as the photographer for Celebrity Apprentice and was voted “Favorite Headshot Photographer in New York” by the readers of Back Stage.


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