We play favorites at Foodtrainers. On Monday we talked favorite frozen treats. We have our favorite yogurt, favorite protein powder, favorite tuna and favorite fitness gizmo. I’m sorry if you’ve heard about these a little too much but when I find the best in a certain category, I want to spread the word.  Speaking of spreads (dorky transition) up to now, I had not been wowed when it came to dips. The closest I came were these cashew-based creations but they’re local and hard to find. Then I was told about Hope Hummus.
What initially stood out about this hummus are the flavors. I first tried Thai Coconut Curry (heaven) and moved on to Spicy Avocado (also amazing). We’re currently loving the Sriracha flavor, which is also my salad dressing when I eat lunch at work. Oh and Hope is organic, non-GMO, gluten free and kosher. How’s this for a company statement “take a look at our ingredient labels, we have nothing to hide, and we are proud of what we put in our products.”
We recently received this via twitter:
I tried the Hope Sriracha hummus and love it! I just wanted to make sure the chocolate was not a dangerous variation #YOSA.” So first, in case you missed it Hope makes 2 chickpea-based spreads in chocolate flavors. We flipped over the dark chocolate coconut variety.

If you’re comparing these flavors to other hummus, yes there is sugar in these flavors. However, if you’re looking at is as a chocolate laced with garbanzos? We’re on board. A tablespoon on gluten free crackers or simply on a spoon is delicious and nutritious too. So in our “yay” or “step away” YOSA criteria, we’re going with “YAY” all the way. Sorry for the rhymes, unintentional I promise.
Hope is giving 5 lucky readers coupons for their products, which can be fount at Whole Foods Markets as well as Westerly Market and Fairway in NYC. In order to be eligible:

  1. comment below and tell us your favorite dip as well as what you like to dip in it.
  2. And tweet @Foodtrainers has a @hopehummus #giveaway retweet to “spread” the word. #YOSA

Just like people, we seek out companies with good values, Hope Hummus says,  “we want our dips and spreads to be a reason for people to stop and gather, share life, and spread good things.” Agreed. 


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