In late October, my friend mentioned she was doing a wellness feature, for the month of November, on her blog. She asked if I could guide her, offer tips that kind of thing. I mentioned that our Foodstalking program was taking off and she was in. Done! We agreed I’d stalk her for the month of November (I hope she doesn’t regret her decision).
With Foodstalking, stalkees send their food logs by 9pm.  By 9am they receive a tip for the day and feedback on their log. Aidan’s first entry on November 1st was from Halloween the night before.  I recall her first tip was “Sayonara Snickers” but very quickly her eating and habits improved. She wrote about her month. I chuckled when I read her recap. When she assessed her progress she made it sound a little like she was a little bit of a slacker or somehow didn’t do as well as she should. In my opinion, she had a stellar month that included more cooking, exercise, preplanning, certain supplements, less sugar etc.  Interesting.It’s easy to feel unhinged this time of year; however, if you are taking measures to maintain your good habits please pat yourself on the back from time to time.
We also sent our “Gifts for the health nut (or just the nut)” newsletter out this week.
We mentioned our Holiday Food First Aid Kit. This is another healthy crutch with some strategic contents:
  • Our nutcase (so that you don’t overnut)
  • Our new favorite bar in mocha or chai (I love the chai but Carolyn’s all mocha)
  • PuEhr tea- PuEhr is from the same plant as green (metabolism booster) but fermented Fermented foods help with mood, digestion and weight. How’s that for a holiday helper
  • Nibmor’s Spiced Drinking chocolate that I may or may not have spiked in Vermont last weekend.
  • And to save you from the peppermint bark, Eating Evolved Chocolate Coconut Cups

OK I’m now hungry and have clients to see and strategize with. Email for info on Foodstalking (starts every Monday).
What’s your favorite holiday treat? What do you find most difficult this time of year? Does Foodstalking sound appealing or scary?


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