Sept Squeeze program people, skip that fruit

Everyone is so dramatic. Everywhere I looked yesterday I read about a “last glass of rose'” or “last bonfire”. I’m here to say we’re passed Labor Day and you made it, it’ll be ok. And in fact summer isn’t technically over, in NYC it’s still hot as hell. We’re not ready just yet to soup and sweater, for us it’s still smoothie season. If that intro annoyed you, if you’re a little sad today (I get it I’m sad Bachelor in Paradise is over, silly things affect us) try one of our favorite smoothie recipes this Lemon Basil Smoothie. It’s gluten free, dairy free and friggin’ delicious. Everyone in the room not only accepted a sample but genuinely liked it (not always the case). See what you think. 
 And as you can see the Foodtrainers’ blog is back. One client asked me, “did you stop blogging?” Nope, just generally unproductive this summer but hopefully that tide is turning. Any topics you want to see covered? Anything foodwise you’re looking forward to? Anyone else watch that silly show Paradise? Someone say yes.

Carolyn made me cry and then changed her shirt


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