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I’m in a warm drink phase that may be an adult food jag. I love matcha lattes made with almond milk. Then I discovered matcha cacao lattes (details in Thursday’s newsletter), I soon jazzed these up with cardamom and cinnamon. Last year I was fixated on bulletproofcoffee but this year? I’m all about Golden Milk. What’s that you haven’t heard of golden milk? Well has its roots in Ayurveda, it’s a warm beverage made with a turmeric paste. Turmeric is one of the most powerful nutritional mood boosters (on par with medications, yup), it’s also a potent anti-inflammatory and what we call a “delicious debloater”. So whether you didn’t eat that “super” last night or if Monday or everyday blues have taken hold, read on.
There are many versions of Golden Milk, I tweaked a couple coming up with this:
1/8 tsp turmeric
½ cup water
pinch black pepper (I added this as pepper increases the effectiveness of turmeric)
1 tbs coconut oil (traditional recipes call for almond oil which I didn’t have)
½ tsp manuka honey (an anti-inflammatory)
few drops Nu Stevia (optional)
Simmer turmeric, pepper and water for 8-10 minutes until mixture thickens.
At the same time, in another pot (you could do in the same pot as turmeric once it thickens) heat almond milk and oil. 
I kept this at very low heat as I didn’t want to boil the manuka. Add honey and stevia to taste toward end of cooking. Transfer turmeric paste to the milk.  
This drink is satisfying enough to be a breakfast. I also enjoy 4 ounces in place of my nighttime tea.  I do want to try the almond oil and also saw a recipe with molasses (loaded with magnesium) that’s I’d like to test out. And not to worry, I have saffron in the back of my head as the research is impressive there too.
Have you heard of golden milk? Any warm drinks you’re loving?  Interesting uses for turmeric?


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