We all know how a trip presents on social media is starkly different from how it really is. 
Speaking of social media, in my fantasy I’d be the person who disconnects when away, focuses on what’s in front of me and leaves the rest at home.

One day on vacation I went 9am-2pm without social media and it was a challenge. I pretty much posted the whole trip.

In my fantasy, my kids would try every new food with gusto.

In reality, my son almost threw up tasting poké and I think he had fries with everything 

In my fantasy, I’d feel better physically finishing the trip after being away and eating well. 

I did eat well -lots of salad and ceviche but cocktails, not enough water and constant restaurant food makes a bathing suit not as much fun.

In my fantasy, I’d be happy and relaxed while away but truthfully, when I relax, I have anxiety about things I should be doing and I was away with 5 family members.

In my fantasy, 3 generations away sounded like a dream. The truth is managing expectations of people ages 13-83 is kind of a nightmare. 


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