It’s November first today. A few of you may recall, when I set my resolutions that I mentioned I’d follow up on my progress on the 1st of each month. The good news is that I am fairly content in my results having run Chicago, started yoga (which I now would say I love) and I’m happy I set these benchmarks to carry with me and strive for. I also have to say that writing about these monthly is another story. Enough about me, I want to use today to challenge you. If you read this blog regularly (thank you I worship you) you’ll know that I dedicated my Chicago marathon to 2 important J’s in my life. Little J was at my apartment for trick-or-treating last night. I didn’t tell any of my friends about his ordeal and nobody, until told, suspected anything other than a costumed, candy craving child on a mission to collect big. He should be back in first grade soon and his mother, who I wrote about,well I saw her smile last night too.

Older J, has a name, it’s Jen but you can call her fearless Jen too. I saw fearless Jen on Friday. I email with Jen a lot but asked if there was a way I could come and see her. I wanted to see if I could help with her nutrition but I also just wanted to sit and talk. I went to Sloan Kettering to keep Jen company during a blood transfusion. Jen encouraged me to come early, before she got too groggy. I walked into the hospital room and a beaming Jen smiled at me. I met her mom too, also trying her best to be cheery. Her mom snapped the photo of Jen and me (above) for Jen’s You Fearless blog. Jen explained to me that the chemo she was on wasn’t helping and she was about to embark on another potent combination chemo. She is in a lot of pain at this point so it’s key that this next “cocktail” is effective. Yet no time with Jen is doom and gloom. Jen was busy recruiting nurses and hospital staff for Cycle for Survival. “Cycle” is an amazing event and charity started by Jen and her husband Dave. Cycle 2011 will be on February 12th and 13th and here is where your challenge comes in.

Cycle is currently in New York, Long Island, Chicago and as of last week San Francisco. Do not despair if you are not in these cities you can start a satellite team. There are 4 hour shifts that can be divided up. I do have to say the idea of the “extreme” option where you cycle for 4 hours appealed to my “aint no mountain high enough” side. You can decide what’s right for you. It’s winter and exercising outside is getting tougher. This is a great cause, a great goal and I encourage, ok implore, you to register. I know where I’ll be during Cycle. Jen looked at me on Friday and said “you’ll be on my team, team Fearless.”
Do you think you’ll try Cycle or tell your friends about it? Do you have any J’s in your life who inspire you? What are you fearful of?



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