Clients are already sharing scary accounts of being ensnared in Halloween candy’s web. Perhaps you’d expect our advice to be “NO CANDY”. But that’s not how we roll. It’s more like “don’t waste your treat on candy that’s crappy, inflammation causing or carcinogenic”… ok, you see where we’re going. Quality counts, even with candy.

Here are our elite treats. And please check out our pretty, new online shop if you haven’t already. We now offer free shipping for orders over $150. Thank you for all the new shop love + support, our launch day was a huge success.


We earmarked K’ul Superfood Chocolate Bar for Halloween way back at the summer Fancy Food show. Seventy percent dark chocolate is paired with turmeric (600mg so it’s not just decorative) and ginger. Turmeric can help with fat loss and the magnesium in the dark chocolate helps with metabolism. And, of course, they’re vegan, gluten free, soy free and non-GMO.


New to our shelves is Karmalize Me’s chocolate hazelnut spread. Think Nutella, minus all of the unhealthy ingredients. Drizzle on yogurt, blend in a smoothie, or slather it on Jilz crackers. Or, if we’re being honest, all you really need is a spoon.


Image result for kul mint matcha

If you were a Junior Mint or Andes candy lover, we’ve found a healthy substitute. These beautiful K’ul Matcha Mint chocolate bars contain a mere 190 calories. BYO to the movies or have as an after dinner treat.


If you’ve heard all the buzz about collagen and bone broth, meet collagen’s cousin gelatin. We’re not talking KNOX, we like Great Lakes. You can purchase gelatin and gummy molds on Amazon and get creative. Lauren and her sons used Blue Majik and coconut water. These are a lot of fun to make and gelatin helps with sleep, skin, inflammation and joint pain.


If Halloween is hard for you, let us Foodstalk you the week of for some candy accountability. Email us to get started.


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