I try to be in the know when it comes to nutrition trends and I’ll freely admit I had no idea “teatoxing” was such a thing. Snobessentials (love that name) asked me to weigh in on this trend.
So, what is a teatox?
Teatoxes are generally teas sold in sets with both a daytime and a nighttime tea.
The names of these products are pretty amusing: Showgirl Slim, Skinny Bunny, Naked me, Strip Teas (above). The daytime teas tend to contain some sort of upper and debloating spices. In the night version there’s a laxative ingredient and usually something sleep inducing.  On some websites, it was difficult to locate the ingredients. If ingredients are hard to find it’s never a good sign
Is teatoxing healthy?
Tea is healthy and teas are a big part of our programs at Foodtrainers. What is questionable is the notion that tea alone will result in your body looking like the bikini-clad (if that) women on the teatox websites. There are also a few ingredients in these teas that are no-nos even if they are in the same teabag as delicious decoys (ginger, cinnamon, gojis etc.).
Does tea in general assist in weight loss / detoxing? If so, which kind(s)?
There are certain teas I refer to as “metaboteas”. Actual research (gasp) has shown that teas such as green, matcha (a powdered green) and puEhr can provide a slight metabolic boost. 
Which ingredients are risky?
Let’s break it down into tea categories:
Uppers– green is great but I wouldn’t go guarana too often.
Debloaters/laxative– dandelion, fennel and ginger are safe and effective but senna (a laxative component) isn’t only habit forming, it’s dangerous when used regularly and the dangers extend well beyond diarrhea (I’m talking liver, kidney, intestinal function). 
Downers– many of the night teas are where the laxatives lie. I’m not sure I’d suggest sleep-inducing herbs such as valerian combined with poop-inducing products. If there is going to be any digestive drama, I’d prefer to wake up for it.
So, I’d skip any teas with senna. I totally get the desire to lose weight, debloat, and “go” but we can’t play regime-related roulette and risk our health. Go for the highest quality teas you can find. I love Panatea matcha, Bellocq for green and puEhr and Wakaya ginger tea.
Have you heard of teatoxing? Been tempted to try it? What’s your favorite tea to drink?
Any “burning” tea or weight loss questions? Email me at Lauren@foodtrainers.net


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