I don’t know where things went so wrong. I doubt it’s entirely about looks. After all the date, which after living in New Orleans, seems the fruit that most closely resembles a cockroach hasn’t been slowed down.  And if it’s a matter of wrinkles then why are raisins in every preschooler’s lunchbox? With the exception of dried cranberries, dried fruits aren’t fruity beauty queens.
So if it’s not a matter of appearance, is it about, you know, poop? Prunes seem to have this grandma reputation because they help move things along. After over 10 years practicing nutrition I cannot wrap my brain around this being a bad thing. We are a people pursuing the perfect poop; if prunes are a poop producer shouldn’t this make them praiseworthy? 
As the sweatshirt (which sadly I don’t own) states, I love prunes and I’m hoping us prune-lovers can band together. I’m not in favor of the name change either. In 2000, the prune board conducted 10 million dollars to convert prunes to dried plums. Oh well, it was only 10 million and guess what? Didn’t work. They’re still prunes.
Prunes are unique; it’s not only the fiber content but also the amount of sorbitol  (as in sugar free candy) naturally in prunes that helps relieve constipation. Prunes are a great source of potassium and also B vitamins and magnesium. Prunes are also powerful antioxidants and contain compounds known as phenols. Prunes make a great snack or dessert with 4-5 for 100 calories. When you buy prunes, try to find those that haven’t been treated with sulfites.
Pruney Recipes:
Stewed Prunes– great with Green yogurt or Ricotta cheese
Prune Snack Bars (I would use a flour other than soy flour)
Bacon wrapped Prunes- use nitrite free bacon for this.
Finally, from the shiksa in the kitchen (and is there a better blog name) hamantaschen anyone?
 So be honest, are you a prune lover? What do you think accounts for their uncool fruit-loser reputation? How do you like to eat prunes? Or do you call them dried plums?


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