I’ve been bad but I had fun” – Foodtrainers’ Client

We hear “September is the new January”. However, the September mindset is different from January resolution madness. In September, we re-establish habits.

Speaking of habits and structure, our September Squeeze week starts today. While we keep most secrets reserved for participants, we always spill a couple of them. Here are two September secret weapons you don’t want to miss. Incorporate these daily and by the time you use them up, you’ll be rebooted and on your way.


Apple Cider Vinegar Upgraded

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Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is our longtime love. We have a tablespoon in a cup of water pre-breakfast. Not only does it cut cravings, help decrease body fat and debloat, it sends us the message we’re on our wellness game.  This Daily Tonichas ACV and turmeric, jalapeño (not too spicy for the spice-phobes) and a touch of raw honey. We were hesitant about the honey until we learned that with ACV, it helps move things along (wink).

Catalyst Gold

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We always assure clients that there’s no magic pill; wellness takes work. And it does, but we just may have found a magic pill… Catalyst Gold needs to be on your supplement radar. It’s a combination of greens, herbs, superfoods and minerals. Think of it as rebooting in a bottle. It’ll help your digestion, immune system, metabolism, as well as your skin and hair. We’re up to the max dose of 4 Goldies, twice a day, but follow bottle instructions. And one note: Gold and Adderall don’t mix because of one of the amino acids contained in the supplement.

Set yourself up for September success with our Tonic and Gold. And if you feel it’s time for a full nutrition checkup, come on in. Email us to set up a session ASAP.


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