Avocados enjoying some Belizian sunshine, I don’t store them  outside just trying to make you jealous. Did I?

Packing clothes for a warm weather vacation is easy. Bathing suits, flip-flops, easy dresses and sunglasses and you’re pretty much set. I spent way more time organizing food to bring with us, especially since we were coming off a week of eating raw. As I packed what I consider a vacation essential, avocados, along with our swimsuits and shampoo it crossed my mind that perhaps other people don’t stress over their travel food. I looked to the twittersphere and asked, “Do normal people pack avocados in their suitcases?” It turns out they do or at least the food-focused people who I associate with. If you do not, we can still be friends though I’d give the avocado more thought (unripe in the luggage, ripe in the carry on). Avocados can be used for a smoothie in the morning, sliced in a salad at lunch or if you’re really on board halved and eaten with a spoon.
Aside from the avocado I must have:
Green Juice– while they don’t go in the bags, I have one on the way to the airport. It’s part last hurrah and part laying the groundwork for a healthy trip.
Container of Crudité– I don’t leave home without a fairly large glass container of crudité. The kids love to munch when they get antsy on flights and it assures me that their travel day has some nutrients. For Saturday’s flight I had carrots, celery and jicama. The container also keeps my carry on tote of food cold.
Bars that don’t melt-there’s nothing worse than taking the time to procure proper snacks and finding they’re a mess when you’re ready to eat them. Skip any chocolate-coated bars. I brought a couple of pure bars and Sheffa bars with us.
Probiotics– if I were forced to choose one travel supplement it would be probiotics. My current probiotic is made by Renew life.
Tea– I take an assortment of tea bags with me wherever I go. For this trip it was Pukka 3 Ginger Tea.
I also asked some of the avocado packers what their must-pack snacks are:
Juli Novotny, the owner of Kookie Karma
Healthy SPF– if in tropical place, most of those spray sunblock are horrible for us to absorb via skin. (I brought Vive Sana on this trip)
 A roll up bag– I consider myself fairly fashionable and yet I MAKE myself take only 1 or two of everything. Less is more when you travel. Bring a tiny roll up bag that you can open up if you decide to buy things; Eagle Creek makes a great one
 Healthy Snacks for the plane- first class or not, better safe than sorry. You never know when there will be delays or issues and you’ll be stuck for hours with only airport food. Our Foodtrainers’ March newsletter “Not a Total (Spring) Break” focused on travel snacks and we highlighted Juli’s amazing kale creations.
Amie Valone personal chef, recipe developer and more from The Healthy Apple
Chia seeds for protein
Avocados for healthy fats
Magnesium to help keep things regular
Amy Metcalf aka Amy Danger fitness instructor, nutrition enthusiast and PhD candidate
Lara bars
Steel Cut Oats (& my water heater)
Green tea
Packaged salmon,
Nuts and Shredded Coconut
Carolyn Brown fellow Foodtrainer vacay essentials
Running and yoga gear always
iPod with new playlists
Stash of healthy snacks,-Barney butter  is floating somewhere in every bag I own. luggage too 
Google ahead  of time the best active stuff to do and pre-pick restaurants
I think Juli said it best “I’d rather save those “bad” calories for great meals and cocktails at my destination.”
What are your must pack snacks or foods? Does it take longer to pack your food or your clothing? Have you ever boarded a flight with an avocado?


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