Coffee Drinkers, check your milk

  If you’ve read our blog/social media posts you know that we are decidedly pro coffee and matcha. We can totally geek out with coffee recipes, there’s our Boss coffee, we recently posted our frozen tahini latte and  our blender bulletproof matcha is coming your...

Starbucks new plant-based sugar bomb

My inbox was buzzing with Starbucks news. Starbucks, it seems, launched blended plant-based, protein, coffee drinks. I have yet to try these drinks, for reasons enumerated below, but I hear they are a blend of coffee, rice and pea proteins and nut milk. One flavor...

Do I ignore the alcohol research?

Friday night, the sun was streaming in our windows. We just moved and this whole light-filled space thing is new for us. I asked Marc if he wanted me to make him a drink. “Sure” he said, as he always does. In the book I just finished, it talks about one partner...


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