Portions on food labels, can we discuss?

We receive a ton of food product samples. As we suggest to clients, we first look at the ingredients. If there are artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners, soy, too much sugar or other shady things listed, we’re giving it to the doormen (is this mean to give them our...

Solutions for Stress Eating

I had a session yesterday, with a client in the midst of a very busy stretch at work. For this post, I’ll call her “Busy”. Busy described being overscheduled, under rested and working around the clock. “At the end of the day, I feel I deserve a treat.” This is what...

Why “small frequent meals” is bullshit

A lot of nutrition advice involves a kernel of truth and a lot of exaggeration. Let’s take “eat small, frequent meals.” The reasoning goes something like this, each time you eat, your metabolism is stoked. The scientific term is the thermic effect of food. The problem...


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