While there’s no scorecard (well there sort of is), how do you feel after the first holiday hurdle of the season? Many of our Foodtrainees checked in with us and for the most part the reports were something to the effect of “I feel much better than in past years” which was music to our ears. As the week progresses we’ll meet with and hear from some clients who overdid it. Either way, evaluate and reset if need be.

I write a lot about planning for the holidays  but wanted to show you a little recap, Carolyn and I love a plate pic. Here are some….
Never save up on a holiday eat your regular breakfast and lunch
Don’t fill up on heavy apps, stick to crudite 
Love looking at various plates (actual dinnerware) 

How was your thanksgiving? Any family drama? What was your favorite thing you ate? Mine was the turkey…so delicious this year. 


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