Set ups are so risky. “There’s someone you should meet” makes me want to bolt instantly whether it’s personal or work-related. So when a good friend made an e-introduction telling me about New York Mouth, a site for “indie food” I was skeptical to say the least. My skepticism lasted about 30 seconds or the time to click on the hyperlink and explore the New York Mouth site. I found small batch, hard to find, interesting foods I hadn’t heard about and I taste test obsessively. In addition to an intriguing array of items, the photography on the site sealed the deal. In the name of “research” I placed an order and, like a three year old, couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Fortunately, two days later the package was delivered.
Clearly not the beautiful New York Mouth photohraphy
And it didn’t disappoint. In the box was a reusable shopping bag that’s become my favorite lunch tote. 
And if I wasn’t falling in love already there was a handwritten note. I enjoyed everything I ordered. New York Mouth also has fun “tasters” (I made the mistake of referring to them as baskets, I’m so not indie) to select from. There’s “The Good Guest” and also ‘The Great Guest”, “Brunch in a Bag” and “The Total Jerk”. I picked the “Just Add Cheese” taster for a 4th of July hostess gift which comes with a cheese board, all sorts of delicious crackers, fig and almond spread, local honey and more (don’t you want to invite me over now?). And as long as I was getting that I tried a new olive oil and some other treats “for the trip”.  My New York Mouth was happy and beware the site is habit forming.
In an effort to learn more about the site and concept, I spoke with Craig Kanarick their CEO. I loved hearing where they find the foods and why New York Mouth isn’t limiting their offerings to New York only producers. There was one thing Craig said that really resonated with me. He talked about a shift in food and our relationship to food. In the 80s it was all about gourmet everything, the 90’s brought Atkins. Now there’s an interest in ingredients and Craig described this as “story driven”. The only thing better than great food? A great back-story.
I have some exciting news. New York Mouth liked the idea of a Foodtrainers-approved taster. Together we’ve come up with an It’s All Good assortment with some amazing items.
New York Superfoods Chia Nut Butter
What’s better than peanut butter and chocolate? That would be dark chocolate, peanuts and chia seeds. I could lie and tell you I have this on apple slices or on gluten free crackers but I don’t. I have it on a spoon and trust me, it’s all good.
New York Naturals Bombay Ranch Kale Chips
My love for our Kale Krack hasn’t waned but there’s a new kale chip on the block. The healthiest veggie with the healthiest spice (turmeric). New York Magazine called these “Doritos for health nuts”. 
Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup
When the kids are away the parents will play and let me assure you we’ve had fun. I told you about my favorite ice cubes, well this syrup is a must for healthy cocktails. Spicy Ginger Margaritas? Or if you’re not feeling as “playful” ginger green tea? Peach, ginger smoothie? What could be bad? Nothing with this stuff.
Stolor Organics Sunflower Oil
I’ll admit, I’ve been a little sunflower crazed since the reading the studies about the magic it works on abdominal fat. So that’s why I bought this pretty bottle. However, it’s the taste that makes me reach for it for all our summer salads. Plus, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.
Needless to say I’ve changed my tune on set-ups (at least the work variety).
*One lucky reader will win an It’s All Good taster. To be eligible by Wednesday, August 8th:
Email info@newyorkmouth with the subject “it’s all good”
AND leave us a comment here.
And not to worry, to make sure our It’s All Good post doesn’t make you feel bad if you don’t win, New York Mouth says to use code FOODTRAINERS12 good for 15% off this deliciousness valid until August 10th midnight. 
What’s your feeling on set ups full of pressure or kind of fun? Which product above has you most curious? And if forced to choose would you take a great gift or a hand written note?


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