We initially resisted the CBD surge. While we were intrigued, we hadn’t found the formulation or product that impressed us. And so how could we recommend it? We’d say, the research is there but we’re not sold yet. Well, that was then and now I’m 100% on board personally and for various applications, for clients and followers as well. We covered CBD, the research and our two favorite producers, in today’s Monday Morsels newsletter.  If you’re not receiving our newsletter, be sure to sign up here.

I was enjoying Lord Jones’ CBD gummies. I still do but I don’t necessarily want a gummy every night. I dabbled in Wildflower’s tincture and switched over. I like a dropper-full, under my tongue, before bed.

CBD is incredibly save but there’s a wide range of quality. For our full spiel check out the newsletter.

Do you take CBD? Daily? Have any CBD questions or concerns?


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