Lauren and I have the travel bug in a major way; we are both Semester at Sea alums and plan our lives around our next trip. She’s off to Nicaragua; I’m Moab and Amalfi coast. But first we have a quickie work trip to California this weekend (Expo West, anyone?). Quick trips can actually wreck you more than long ones. There’s little time to recalibrate or workout but there are still restaurant meals — ok and drinks too. We all can all fall victim to “plane pounds” if not careful.
So here is a sample day or a “walk through” for my travel day tomorrow:
Night before
I’ll pack my Foodtrainers’ Food First Aid Kit. I never go away without it. Contents vary but I always have our nutcase and nuts (current love: Organic Living cinnamon pecans), 1 snack per day away (I’m thinking Yes Bars) probiotics, tea, cocochia, natural calm and green magic.
En route to airport
Water spiked with with apple cider vinegar + coffee, coffee, coffee.
Pre flight fuel: 
2 hard-boiled omega-3 eggs (Lauren will likely force hot sauce packets on me)
Water and we’ll pop our probiotic
Pre-flight shots- green elixir
Beverage cart upgrade
I ask for hot water and lemon and add Wakaya ginger
Plane snack  
I’ll grab a Greek yogurt once through security (I’ve even spied my beloved 2% coconut Siggi’s in many airports) and pair with a packet of cocochia
More water and tea, probably a green tea this time
Lauren has taught me the magic of the travel-avocado. If needed we’ll cut it in half; it’s the best snack on the planet (or at least on the plane).
Post flight bite
Gargantuan Greens
We’ll be on the hunt for a great salad, ideally a spinach salad (vitamin B6 is a VIP for trim travel) with salmon or tuna.
Afternoon Ammunition
Kombucha or green juice (1 fruit max) + nutcase.
We are hoping to hit up Moon Juice and the Bulletproof mecca, so afternoon snack is up for edits. (but trust me, we don’t skip snacks).
Early Bird Dinner 
Cocktail (ok maybe 2), poke or tartare/sashimi and we’ll likely go for cooked veg, if I’m dreaming there will be asparagus action.
Sleep Secret Weapon
Natural calm and BED! 7+ hours so we don’t get those “munchieZZZ
IF you’re traveling any time soon, check out our latest newsletter and pick up our beach bundle but 3/10 (today) is the last day orders will go out until 3/21. 
What’s your typical travel routine?  Any travel trouble or potential “plane pounds”?


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