Hopefully, you received our Thanksgiving newsletter today. We mentioned a post about I.F. (intermittent fasting) and we’ll be posting that tomorrow. It’s week 3 of our what we read/cooked/watched, so we didn’t want to lose our Monday momentum.


I read a memoir called Heavy. And it was honest and raw about race and parenting, zero sugarcoating. Selfishly, I appreciated reading about disordered eating, from a male perspective.

In terms of watching, I didn’t watch a whole lot but Michelle Obama’s interview with Robin Roberts both reminded me that leaders can be (and should be) honest, altruistic and poised. And of course it also provided a painful foil for the turd in charge right now.

I’m not sure what I did, as I didn’t cook as much either. I tested a few Squeeze recipes (on sale Black Friday btw). I also had a great Greek meal at Kyma, in NYC.


It seems I cooked more than Lauren this weekend!  I whipped up fresh figs with balsamic and thyme. Trout with sage, garlic and wine. And this banana bread. I know you’re supposed to be meticulous with measurements for baking but I think I’m Incapable of being meticulous. I cut down sugar, then it seemed dry (had no measuring supplies so maybe overdid flour) so I added an extra egg…and we’ve had requests for a Foodtrainers’ cookbook.
I topped my creation with Coyo, Artisana walnut butter, berries and fresh basil. And I made a sheet pan recipe for our New Year’s Squeeze.

Besides that, I was so lame. I’m diving deep into herbs and supplements and the micro biome in an online functional medicine program. I watched, actually fell asleep 20 mins into, Harry Potter 4 at 9pm on Saturday. This is 32. 🎉

Tell us, what did you read, cook or watch this weekend? We’d love your recommendations


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