I love a “best of” list, after all I love lists and curation, so I had to take a look at Bazaar’s best workout classes in NYC. I have been off group fitness after a 20-year stretch starting with step aerobics, meandering through Powerstrike, a stint at Exhale, a couple of years of hot yoga at Pure Yoga and culminating with Flywheel. Aside from group classes, running has always been a part of my life. At some point, when I realized the time it took to get to a class, set up, workout, get home and, in NYC, let’s not forget neurotically signing up for classes was excessive and annoying, I stopped. Since then, I’ve been doing private Pilates, personal training, riding my Peloton and running. But I still like to know what’s out there. Who knows? Maybe I’d give something a whirl.

Of the 25 workouts Bazaar listed, almost a quarter were rapidly eliminated for phrases such as “fierce dance class”, “a lot of twerking”, “choreography”, “dance-inspired”, “will empower you to hit the dance floor on nights out with friends” and “friendly to all dance levels”. I am not dance-y, unless you count step aerobics, and there are no dance floors at the hopping places I go out to with my friends, thank goodness.

OK, there were still many to choose from. I always tell clients, looking for a workout or gym, that convenience is key. I mentioned above the time commitment involved in a workout class that’s close to where you live. The thought of taking the subway, or more likely an Uber (which has happened and makes you feel lamer than lame) is a major deterrent. If classes below NYC’s Mason Dixon line were out, my choices decreased significantly.

But the list was long and I kept reading. The class boasting “models and moguls” was quickly eliminated along with “place where Victoria’s Secret Angels train” because that’ll make me feel good about myself (um no). I also had to nix a couple of “team oriented” approaches. I started to thin, I know I’m not a group person but maybe I just don’t like people (other than friends, family, clients, my fellow Foodtrainers and blog readers)?

A bunch of the workouts such as SLT, Physique and Pure Barre I was already familiar with, likely because they have locations in my not-hip-in-the-least family and senior-friendly neighborhood.So, what was left? Carolyn has always encouraged me to try Y7 yoga and the description of “no mirrors or bright lights” spoke to my heart. And the guinea pig in my loves all things out there. So, a workout featuring drumsticks sounded mildly interesting. The list concludes with Shock Therapy, I swear I’m not making this up. You wear a “power suit” and receive electrical impulses meant to stimulate your muscles (and got knows what else). I’ll let you know if I give it a try. In the meantime, off to my one-block-away tiny Pilates place.

Do you like group workouts? Which are your favorite? Are you dance-y? I’d love to hear.





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