There’s a lot of carb confusion out there. We did an episode on fat way back on Episode 10, but it felt important to do a deep dive into carbohydrates too. 

There are so many schools of thought when it comes to carbs — no carb diets, low carb diets, whole grain diets, and more — and we’re going to discuss what we mean when we refer to carbs, which carbs we think are the healthiest, who should have more or fewer carbs, and our thoughts on gluten.

You should probably eat more carbs if:

  • You’re pregnant or trying to conceive
  • You’re young and still growing
  • You’re an athlete (and, no, going to the gym twice a week does not make you an athlete)

If you’re looking at your carb intake and trying to reduce, start with one meal a day carb-free. If you’re already carb-conscious and looking to lose weight, you can go by the “one carb a day” rule.

An ideal portion of carbs would be around a fist-sized portion. Yes, this varies based on your body size—but so should your carb intake.

What’s the best time to eat carbs?

  • Starting the day with carbs makes you more likely to want carbs the rest of the day.
  • At lunch, carbs tend to exacerbate the afternoon slump/
  • At dinner, carbs are satisfying, they help with after-dinner munchies, and they relax you. This is our pick!

As for gluten… There aren’t any health benefits for eating gluten. Even if you’re not celiac and your tests are normal, many people still have sensitivity reactions to gluten. It may be worth experimenting to see how you feel removing it. Couldn’t hurt!




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