Is Body Commentary Ever OK?

  Over the years, I’ve heard the gamut of comments others make about weight and appearance. There’s the judgy and cruel, “you look sooooooo much better”. The perhaps not meant maliciously but stinging, “you look like a different person”. Or, the curious and...

Friday Food News (boring title, oh well)

I am not one of those people who posts sick selfies and photos from medical appointments. It’s not that I’m above that. It’s more that a) when I’m sick I don’t have energy to curate my illness and b) I try to carry on with normal life as much as possible. Anyway, I...

There Are Bad Foods and Bad Kids Too

This “wonderful child” isn’t anyone I know I know there are some people who think all children are wonderful. After nine-plus years of parenting and plenty of play dates I know this is not true. There was one child who expressed his disappointment at...


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