10 Easy Foodtrainers-Approved Dinners

*Since this was late to post Friday (Blogger down) leaving it up to be sure you have chance to read. Many of us start the day out strong but then our eating suffers by sundown. I asked our Market Melissa to share some of the information from her “Taming Takeout”...

Are you an underachiever?

I know, here we are not even a week into this full-of-potential New Year and I come out with a bummer title like that. I’m not here to burst your motivated bubble; my intentions are good. You see, I was in a session on Monday with a client I’ve known for some time. We...

Soup Season

While I love a good gazpacho in the middle of the summer, this time of year seems like the real soup season. Soup is fantastic on a raw, wintry day but it’s also good for weight loss efforts. Barbara Rolls’ Volumetrics research showed that when we eat soup as part of...


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