Super Important for your Weight and Immunity

Over the weekend, I posted on Instagram about exercise during the quarantine. While I avowed being streaky, with my workouts, the majority of commenters were regularly exercising. If you are exercising and eating well, let’s be sure you’re sleeping. Sleep is important...

Vitamin D Supplements and Covid-19

I love, believe in, and support science. But sometimes, and I don’t want to sound like you-know-who, science can be slow. Last week, many of you sent links to a study on vitamin D and COVID-19. The study, led by researchers at Northwestern University, compared data...

Four Vitamins Everyone Should Take

There are the vitamin addicts, if you have a shelf or more of supplements, that’s you. And then there are the dont-take-ums. If a client takes dozens of supplements, we’ll usually streamline things. But if you’re not taking anything, you probably...


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