What we cooked/watched/read (this weekend, Nov 2)

We’re back again with our weekend round up! As Lauren said last week, we love comparing notes on what we did over the weekend – although if we’re being honest, we’re usually in touch fri through sun too. So here is this weekend’s experimentation. What we Cooked:...

Healthier in the Bedroom

It’s been almost a month in our new apartment. If you’re on Insta, you may recall the move was emotional for me. Our kids grew up in the old apartment and we had renovated every inch of it ourselves. What’s strange is that the second we moved, I was fine. It’s as...


*Warning: if you think you are doing a pretty job of working out and staying healthy there may be some bubble bursting here. Many of you probably wake up; you may go for a run or take a spin class, shower and go on with the rest of your day. The problem, which may...


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