59. How to Reset Mindfully

This week, we’re running The Fix: our one-week reset program. As we all begin to reenter life, you may want to reboot your diet to give it a jumpstart. Over one week, Fix participants do an accelerated diet consisting of no booze, no added sugar, and no grains. For...

57. Foodtrainers’ Favorite Things

We get a lot of questions about our go-to foods and supplements. Today, we’re going to bring you the Foodtrainers’ Favorites: our guide to the essentials for different parts of your day. From food, drink, and snacks to condiments and alcohol, we dive into it all!...

56. Should You Eat Farmed Fish?

We continue our discussion of “Seaspiracy” from a nutritionist’s perspective. In the film, they highlight an extreme example of farmed fish infested with sea lice. This is a particularly awful case, but how prevalent is lice in farmed fish? Should you be concerned?...


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